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We are a group of Salvationists who
understand that The Salvation Army is a
revolutionary Movement of covenanted
warriors exercising Holy passion toward
winning the world for Jesus.

Our goal is to herald a war cry to soldiers
everywhere to strengthen them for spiritual battle.

rediscovering the purpose of the movement

Nothing the world has to give could induce The Army to part with one shred of its own hallowed past or one particle of the truths for which it stands or one duty which it holds sacred. No, what we want with the world is to save it. - Bramwell Booth

be the uniform.


Every Tuesday make it a #TunicTuesday! Wherever you be – be the uniform – wear your tunic or some form of SA insignia as a personal testimony to your Christian faith and practice; as a commitment in the war against evil; to signify the availability of the Salvationist to anyone needing a helping hand and listening ear.


Follow us on twitter @PrimitiveSalvo and tweet us a photo using the hashtag #TunicTuesday.  We’ll DM you and send you one of these vinyl stickers  –

rediscovering the purpose of the movement

The Salvation Army must be God's voice calling the wayward, the lonely, the destitute into the circle of His love.
- General Jarl Wahlström


What is a Ward?

The town or neighborhood where a Corps exists is divided into a number of districts. Each of these districts is called a Ward, and each Ward then is comprised of all the Soldiers living in that district.

Asked, “What is a Salvation Army Corps?” General William Booth replied, “it is a band of people united together to attack and Christianize an entire town or neighborhood.
Available for download here is a modern reprint of Chapter XXXI. WARDS – A primitive model for winning back the city – Excerpted from: The Why and Wherefore of The Salvation Army Rules and Regulations. 1914.


Fulltime, Lifetime, Intentional Commitment

There are many who are interested in the cause of Christ, and who are pleased to see it prosper in their corps, their church, their city, their country. But there are few who bear the burden of the world upon their souls day and night, who make His cause in every clime their very own, and who, like Eli, would die if the ark of God were taken; who feel it an awful shame and a consuming sorrow, if victory is not continually won in His name.
– Samuel Logan Brengle

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